Light creates atmosphere. It’s about capturing a feeling and invoking a unique experience whether it’s a technology product that has to look good or an artist about to perform a spectacular show. Our lighting designers have extensive experience from assignments around the world. Together with project managers, production managers, riggers and operators they create light settings that emphasize what the customer wants to put across. The goal is always to create an experience beyond the expected.

Stage Lighting

We continuously provide light solutions to some of the  largest tours in the Nordic countries. With our wide range of lighting equipment, we can tailor the delivery for both smaller and larger events.

TV lighting

We have delivered lighting solutions to some of the biggest television productions in Scandinavia such as Idol, Talang and Stjärnornas Stjärna.


We deliver solutions to high-profile business meetings and corporate events. With our long experience in lighting design, and with modern equipment, we continue to contribute to the development of idea, design and structure of corporate events.