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We have a long tradition of creating visual solutions for a wide variety of settings, events and venues. Our great range of both LED screens and projector equipment allows us to create events of the highest class. The constantly increasing requirement for moving content demands high degrees of flexibility, so we provide custom set-ups to suit content and a venue’s potential. We have many solutions for LED Screen Rentals, as well as Projector Rentals.

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Mobile LED Screens

CT offers Europe's largest fleet of mobile LED screens with units from 16 to 81 sqm. Our mobile LED screens are installed on truck trailers and offer solutions for all types of events and venues, great or small. The screens can be easily transported, assembled and dissembled, and is ready for immediate use in less than two hours from the moment the trailer arrives on site. Each screen is operated by a single engineer, and equipped with an in-built generator ensuring a cost-effective and self-sufficient solution. With clear colors, even in daylight, our mobile LED screens ability to bridge the distance between events and spectators is unmatched.

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LED Screens

Our modular LED screens are available in a large number of sizes and types, each designed to offer a creative solution for every kind of indoor and outdoor event. We create a unique LED solution for your event that is both cost-effective and flexible and entirely in tune with the message or feelings you want to put across. Together, our wealth of expertise, modern equipment and great dedication make the difference that ensures your event is unforgettable.

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We deliver projection solutions for every circumstance. Our projectors have a range of light intensities and can be used for everything from small conference screens to gigantic façade projections. Sometimes an event will require projection from behind, but from the front is the most common. We usually project onto a screen, but when necessary we can also do so onto a wall or other surface depending on the organizer’s requirements. Maybe you want to create a 3D experience? Our projection engineers have extensive experience and know what’s needed to make fantasy reality.

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