We are one of Europe’s leading providers of technology solutions for corporate events. We have a long history of supporting and enhancing the experience of companies and their brands. We are proud to work with many of the most innovative and creative companies in the world. Through our highly experienced and technically skilled team, we are able to handle all creative, technical, logistical and financial aspects of any given project. Read more about Event Design and how we package it under Services/Turnkey Solutions.

When you choose us, you choose a team that are part of the world’s largest broadcast and live event technology group, NEP. Our global presence enables us to support projects everywhere, regardless of continent, with both local and international expertise.

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Exhibitions AND FAIRS

Our innovation-driven technology will help your message stand out in the crowd and strengthen your brand. For decades we have worked in venues with unique technical solutions, along with architects and construction partners from all over the world.  We understand the demands and challenges of the trade show environment, and can create the ideal solution of audio, lights and video for you.

Meetings & Conferences

How people conduct meetings is constantly changing. For over 30 years, we have been driving the development of how technology is used for meetings, and handle everything from world congresses to small group meetings. We can create a technically innovative solution for meetings where our expertise enhances the experience and contributes to an increased exchange of information.

Galas & AWARDS

We can help you create, design and execute the entire technical infrastructure for your event - and help you add some fun and flare. Using our extensive expertis from various entertainment areas we help you create the right atmosphere for you gala or awards ceremony.


Our technical solutions can help ensure that your product launch sends the right message. We understand how to help manage messaging your brand to different channels and can ensure that each one gets the right support. Additionally, we have the systems and knowledge to provide timing solutions for simultaneous events around the world.

Congresses & Non-Profit events

Creative Technology has many years of experience working together with large political and non-profit organisations. Besides audio, video and lights, we support the democratic process of a congress or meeting by providing digital meeting tools, replacing the tons of paper traditionally used. Our program suite tecViz Software is a frequently used service to help meeting organizers reach out to their audiences and support interaction.


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