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The technical platforms today gives you a wide range of possibilities as a client. IT solutions and control systems are tools to make our core deliveries with display, sound and lighting even more interesting. The total solution is easy to operate for your team at site, even if there is less or no interest for technology. It makes it also possible for us to secure the uptime of the systems and to solve technical issues and software updates remotely, validated at site.

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Project Management

Our experienced project management team is involved the entire way; from the design of the technical solution, the planning of resources, to the project execution. We follow up and hand over the project to our support team when the installation is ready. We provide documentation for the delivered solution, an important part in the handover to the support team and to the client.

ProDUCTION Management

When executing the work, we send our production managers to site. They take care of our responsibilities and team up with the involved parties. We expect the unexpected, everything can happen on site. Our talented team is prepared and has the knowledge to solve difficult situations on site. Our global experience gives us the chance to have solid risk assessments to rely upon.


Our inhouse team provides the extra strength to our delivery. Back-office support is highly important in securing deliveries and making sure our clients receive the expected solutions in time.


There are many software options to choose from depending on the technical equipment being used. All software is properly tested and configurated to meet your needs.


Wherever in the world the work is executed, our global reach will help out. We secure cost effective installations  where precision finish is of high importance.


Let CT capture your next project. We are a part of the journey, memories and history are created, something to be proud of. From the start with visualizations, to the final result. With our video production, you can enjoy every moment over and over again, and share it with others.

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