Toyota Corolla Launch
Odelius Bil

Last week, Odelius Bil, a Toyota dealership in Kungälv, held a local event for the launch of the new Toyota Corolla. To strengthen the awareness and attract more guests to the event, we were asked to place one large 81sqm Mobile LED screen with communication facing the highway, and a smaller 16sqm Mobile LED screen near the parking entrance. An indoor 55” LCD screen was installed to enhance the communication around the new Toyota Corolla. We also provided additional lighting in the showroom to create a premium reveal. Carin Odelius, CEO at Odelius Bil, was very pleased with ur delivery: “Your performance was both professional and inspiring, and their support throughout the event was beyond expectation.”

Photos: Niklas Hedenbeck

Contact: Anders Fredriksson, +46 73 808 73 81,