The Waterfall Rehearsal

To participate in a grand music competition like Melodifestivalen is in itself a demanding task, and adding to the challenge by performing in a waterfall might seem a little bit off the scale. However, this is exactly what Wiktoria, one of Sweden’s youngest and most talented artists, decided to do during her performance at this year’s contest tour.

As we are all painfully aware of though, technology and water aren’t all that compatible and a great deal of effort would surely be required to pull the idea through. However, Wiktoria and Sony was all set on a waterfall, as they had been inspired by live performances of for example Tokio hotel at the MTV award show in Munich, and Enya.

– The waterfall is a way of enhancing the emotional message of the song without making it too technical, Wiktoria says to GP.

The song Not with me is written and composed by Joy Deb, Linnea Deb and Wiktoria herself, and is a soulful expression of her inner journey of moving on after the breakup from a boyfriend. 

To materialize the artistic vision the German company as systems took on the task and in January we hosted a rehearsal of the special effects performance.

We have just finished the construction of a brand-new warehouse in Enköping, a 6 300 sqm building in two levels to hold all the equipment of both the Bromma warehouse as well as the earlier one in Enköping.

– The building has everything we need – and more. We’ve had full control of the construction process and can offer 2 300 sqm of office space and production areas for rehearsals of any length of time and scale, says Ola Bigélius.

– This time, however, we looked to the washing hall – more commonly used for our LED trailers and trucks, but it was perfect for the watery project at hand.

as systems brought the whole setup of equipment all the way from Germany – essentially a stand construction with water beaks, all controlled by a computer connected to a lighting console. The technology has been used by various artists in their live performances as well as companies and in commercials. 

– The technology allows us to paint figures and write letters using the combination of real-time controlled nozzles, running water and gravity. We can create patterns and control the water flow from easy dripping to heavy rain, says Andreas Asbjörn Stephan from as systems. 

When arriving on site, Wiktoria and her crew first worried that the water would be cold but after some try-outs in the (luckily heated) water, the artist said she felt confident that this was going to be a success.                                                                                                                        

– I could continue doing this all day! she exclaimed after the last try-out.

In the Gothenburg leg of the contest Wiktoria successfully sang her way directly to the grand finale, where she again performed her beautiful number in Friends Arena, Stockholm, on March 9th.

Text & photos: Sofia Drevemo

Contact: Lasse Mossberg, +46 73 620 85 45,