Radisson Collection Royal Hotel

The Radisson Collection Royal Hotel in Copenhagen is the world’s first design hotel and the only hotel created by renowned designer and architect Arne Jacobsen, making it the true home of Danish design. Constructed in 1960, the building still dominates the city skyline, and its interior design impresses visitors to this day.

On March 17th, the hotel’s General Manager, Brian Gleeson from Ireland, brought Irish hospitality and iconic Danish design together by hosting a Saint Patrick’s Day event for the third year in a row. We received the challenging task of transforming one of the building’s façades with 14 CLF outdoor LED fixtures, durable to manage the rough rain and wind. The results truly made the landmark even more distinguished throughout Copenhagen’s skyline.

Photos: Malik Mathiassen

Contact: Karel Lemahieu, +45 71 96 88 02, klemahieu@ct-group.com