Kim Larsen’s Memorial Concert
Nordisk Film

To commemorate and pay tribute to the artist and Danish national poet, Kim Larsen, who passed away on September 30, Denmark’s Radio organized a concert at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen on October 7th.

“The first plan was to hold a memorial concert in DR City's big television Studio 5, but we received such a positive response to the announcement from so many people who wanted to participate and say goodbye to Kim Larsen, that we decided to hold the Memorial Concert at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. This is where we usually celebrate our heroes”, says Jan Lagermand Lundme, DR entertainment director.

With only a few days of planning time, and a request for several screens all over Denmark, we turned out to be the perfect partner for the task. Three 81 sqm, two 50 sqm and one 21 sqm LED screens where rushed to Aalborg, Århus, Odense and Copenhagen for a live broadcast of the concert.

As the streets around Rådhuspladsen were blocked overnight and equipment setup in rain and darkness, we again proved our capabilities. All resulted in a live TV show and more than 60 000 people coming out to see the it. Again, we showed that Live Events are in our genes, and that even under pressed time schedules we perform. In Detail.

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